Capalaba Dog Grooming Salon

Capalaba Grooming Studio was established in 2018 celebrating 10 years of the Barkin Beautiful brand and the high success of our first salon at Redland Bay and the overwhelming growth in our second studio at Manly West studio which was established in 2015. Naturally growing and needing to expand to our Capalaba studio to cater to the demand for professionalism in all styles of grooming and breed styles.

Capalaba is conveniently situated 15mins drive between our Redland Bay studio and Manly West studio making close proximity for our existing clients who travel far and new clients living close to areas throughout Capalaba, Sheldon, Alexandra Hills, Rochedale, Birkdale, Ormiston and Cleveland. These clients all become a part of our Barkin Beautiful family as they know and trust their pets are in the best care. We are situated in the well known Maridale Park shopping complex Shop 5, 76 Ney Road Capalaba.

The key to our success is our commitment to excellent customer service, professional high- level grooming for all breeds and styles from fancy show grooms, traditional breed clips to easy maintenance grooming or just a quick wash to make all dogs Barkin Beautiful. Every pet receives gentle handling and we treat each dog with respect as all dogs have an individual character. With years of experience we understand not all dogs can be groomed the same way. Barkin Beautiful cater for all personalities. Our groomers are highly trained in handling all types, from rescue dogs who are nervous, timid, wriggly, over excited to difficult, teaching them grooming can be enjoyable with regular grooming appointments. We encourage re-booking every 4-8 weeks not only to receive discounts but to maintain regular handling, cleanliness and a luscious coat.

We understand it can be hard to leave your beloved pet in the hands of other people, but rest assured we only have their best interests at heart. We can show you around our salon to let you see our grooming studios are built purely for the comfort of your pet. Ways we eliminate stress are to hold pets at our salon for as little time as possible while they complete the service they require. Our services are an average 3-4 hours for full grooms to 1hour -15min for bath and blow-drying then our groomers call you as soon as they are ready for pick-up. Please wait for our call. We know your excited about seeing their new Do’ , but it’s a lot harder to complete an excited pooch who just saw their owner, wagging their tails and tap dancing on our table to a calm dog sitting still enjoying the one on one pamper session with their groomer.

Another way Barkin Beautiful has changed the look of professional grooming salons is our open viewing studios! You can see our groomers work and see how well behaved and calm most our clients are! If your dog is dog friendly they may even have supervised play dates with our other clients in our grooming room. We also do provide crates and holding pens for pets less social or needing quiet time also quarantine area for pets with fleas to stop cross contamination. Although we ask all pets to be treated with flea control at least 48hours before their grooming appointment, please notify a staff member upon drop off to ensure the spread of fleas and our pest control routine is contained, eliminating the spread of fleas with a surcharge starting from $10 for a flea rinse. Our salons have an extremely strict daily cleaning routine when flea rinses need to be added to a client’s grooming service we also need to flea bomb after-hours to ensure contamination doesn’t occur.

We prefer to hold pets for only a 4-hour period to eliminate stress on pets and decrease noise and large number of dogs in at once making a calmer experience for all. If your dog is needing to stay longer please notify us as a day care fee of $25 will occur also we ask to arrive on time to your scheduled appointment time. If you’re running behind, please call our salon if you’re unable to be on time or need to reschedule.

To pass the time while your pet is being groomed and check off your other to – do lists our Capalaba grooming studio is very central and close proximity to Capalaba park, Capalaba central shopping centres only 5 mins drive away for all your shopping needs. If you are getting your own hair done, going to the doctors or dentist these are in the same complex, or even catch a movie at Capalaba cinema’s.

We are excited to provide the best quality service for your pet and hope to continue to make every pet on the bayside Barkin Beautiful.