Redland Bay Dog Grooming Salon

Our Redland Bay Dog Grooming Salon is where it all began, right in the heart of the Redlands and a fast growing community. Redland Bay Barkin Beautiful Dog Grooming Studio is situated on Broadwater Terrace, opposite the well known Redland Bay Hotel, where you can organize a great lunch with friends as your dog is in our care being pampered. Barkin Beautiful also is very handy for our local Islanders with ferries connecting from Karragarra Island, Lamb Island, Russell Island, Macleay Island to our Redland Bay terminal, which is literally a short 5 minute walk. If you are coming from Coochiemudlo Island, our salon is also just a 10 minute drive away from the connecting Victoria Point ferry terminal. Our Redland Bay Grooming Studio is central to Cafés, Major Supermarkets, Victoria Point Cinemas, Doctors, Hairdressers and Vets. Your pooch will be pampered as you attend to daily appointments and shopping, and will be ready for you to collect within a 3 hour period.

Our Dog Grooming Studio has been designed with an open atmosphere resembling that of hairdressing salons. You can see our talented groomers at work, who offer professional and gentle handling and are experienced in specialised breeds of dogs and breed specific show clips, as well as easy basic short summer clips and Hydro Bath needs. Barkin Beautiful Groomers are also trained in creative dog grooming which includes colouring and Asian Fusion grooming.

Another big change Barkin Beautiful has made compared to other salons is our staggered appointments schedule. Rather than 8am drop-offs and 5pm pick-ups, we fill the day with 1-3 hour appointments (times vary according to grooming needs), which lowers the number of dogs that come in at once. This creates a calmer, quieter environment for everyone and a more one-on-one grooming experience for your dog. We only hold onto your pet for as long as we need them. If you are feeling concerned or nervous about leaving your dog, feel free to call us for updates or ask for a tour to see that our grooming salon is built for the comfort of your dog. From many years of experience, we have gathered that often it is the owner who is more nervous than the pet, and drop-offs tend to go much more smoothly if you are confident and calm. Your pet will pick up any nervous energy you radiate during drop-offs, which makes them seem scared when really they don’t mind grooming at all.

Each dog is safely secured on their individual grooming table. NO nasty chokers are used, forced handling or painful grooming techniques throughout our salons. Your pets’ safety and best interest is most important.

Although your dog will be in a crate for a small amount of time, most dogs prefer their own space away from distractions and dogs they have never met. We minimize your dog having to be in a crate as they will be mostly with the washer or groomer being pampered and groomed throughout their stay. Most times we will have your dog completed and waiting to picked up in a maximum 4 hour period. We try not to have them any longer as they will want to get home to show off their new hairdo. Although in some special cases we can offer for them to stay with us to be minded the whole day, provided it is understood that a day care fee of $25 will be applied. Subsequently, if you can’t make it and we must hold your dog for longer than 4 hours without warning, this fee will apply on top of grooming costs. Taking care of your pet is our top priority and ensuring their comfort for hours at a time can distract from our dog grooming work.