Barkin Beautiful Dog Grooming Studios


At Barkin Beautiful we cater to the individual grooming needs of each dog and their owner’s preferences. We can do anything from short and easy-maintenance clips, face feet and tails for in between full haircuts, strip outs for double coated breeds to your fancier Breed Specific styles (e.g Schnauzers, Poodles, Spaniels, West Highland Terriers), Asian Fusion styles and creative grooms. Our number one priority is to make your dog look their best. Please “like and follow” us on Facebook and Instagram as your pooch could be chosen for the dog of the day!

In some cases, it may have been a long time between grooming appointments or you find it difficult to maintain your dogs’ grooming at home. Your pet may be looking more than a little scruffy when it comes to its next appointment. We understand that life is busy and not all pets like to be brushed at home. We only ask that you trust us to do our best with what we are given, and to make your dog as comfortable as possible. In these instances, we always try to encourage a regular grooming schedule to manage your dogs’ hair. This allows you to keep your pet looking just as you want!

We look after our Regulars!!!

Your dog will need grooming its entire life, which can be up at 20 years sometimes! So starting early in your pet’s life (we recommend from 12 weeks old) is the key to encouraging a calming and enjoyable grooming experience. With frequent visits and regular exposure to brushing, handling, hydro bathing, blow drying and clippers, grooming will become second nature to your pet! They become excited about coming to the salon, pushing their way through the door to enjoy their pampering and the positive attention they receive.

We also positively reward our Regular Owners too!

Booking in your beloved dog MONTHLY and alternating between a full hair cut (which includes a warm, fresh water hydro bath, nails clipped, ears cleaned and plucked of hair, and their style of hair cut) to a basic tidy, face feet and tail (includes warm fresh water hydro bath, nails clipped, ears cleaned and tidy of the head, feet and bottom) SAVES $10 each time they come!! If monthly is hard to keep up with we offer $5 off full haircuts made up to a scheduled 8 weeks ahead.

All RE-OCCURING APPOINTMENTS will also receive a courtesy reminder text for coming up appointments. Any no shows or cancellations on the day will void their discount.

It’s time you make your dog Barkin Beautiful!