Lauren Romari - Owner of Barkin Beautiful

Lauren Romari – Owner of Barkin Beautiful

How We Are Different

Barkin Beautiful first started as a small salon in Redland Bay, Brisbane, in 2008. Owner Lauren Romari, with many years’ experience grooming in different salons, wanted to improve the way people viewed their dogs’ grooming experience. She found it was often a case of ‘closed door’ salon policies in other workplaces, where what happened to your pet after drop-off was never clear. Often the process involved leaving your dog for a 5-8-hour period, most of which would be spent in a crate until it was time for their session on the grooming table. She found that this system caused salons to be extremely noisy and overcrowded, creating a stressful environment for workers, dogs and customers in turn. Not a positive grooming experience overall!

In 2008 we changed that system.

Barkin Beautiful has some of THE BEST professional, qualified and experienced groomers in the Brisbane region. We are specially trained in Breed Specifics, Show Styles and Asian Fusion, but are also willing to get creative with pet colouring and style when asked.

Want something simple? We love that too! Basic good old fashioned brush outs, hydro-baths and short, easy-maintenance clips are on our list of services too, naturally! Grooming ability is important of course, but we are also very aware of individual dogs’ needs. The calmer we are, the better your pet reacts to grooming. Our gentle handling techniques and positive reinforcement has tamed many a tricky pet and/or young puppy, turning nervous or aggressive dogs into calm, accepting and well-groomed pooches! A much better grooming experience!

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